What About The Mini Comfee 2Qt Rice Cooker

What About The Mini Comfee 2Qt Rice Cooker?

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The comfee 2Qt rice cooker has 6 digital cooking programs. Just press the function button and could suit eating habits like white rice, brown rice, steam, slow cook, quinoa and oatmeal. Make specialty and healthy food in one cooker without owning 5 or more different appliances. To achieve the ideal cooking performance, The comfee 2Qt rice cooker has developed the intelligent 6-step cooking process that perfects to simmer the fluffy rice every time.

This comfee rice cooker also has flexible for meal planning with 12-hour delay timer and auto keep warm for 12 hours. Rice Cooker, Slow Cooker, Steamer, Saute, Yogurt Maker, Stewpot. Your cooking could be set by simply pressing a button.

It has many user-friendly features. Such as the digital LED display and sensitive touch pane. It has 2 Qt compact capacity, which is perfect for preparing small meals or tasty sides.


T1.2mm Inner Pot with Non-Stick Coating.
LED Digital Display.
Stainless Steel Housing.
6 One-Touch Programs.
12 Hour Preset Timer.
Automatic Keep Warm Function.


Only auto keep warm for 12 hours.

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What are the dimensions and weight of the comfee 2Qt rice cooker?

The rice cooker has external dimensions of 9.05 x 8.81 x 9.52 inches. The dead weight is almost 4.4 lbs.

What is the energy class of the model?

The comfee 2Qt rice cooker has energy efficiency class A.

What colors are available?

The comfee 2Qt rice cooker is available in black.

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Why choose mini comfee 2Qt rice cooker?

I have purchased many different brands of rice cookers. I rarely write reviews, but this 5 star rice cooker deserved one. The rice was evenly cooked, there was no mess to clean up from the starch as the lid stays firmly in place while the rice is cooking. Previous purchased rice cookers seem to always burn the bottom layer of rice, not this little guy.

I couldn’t be more pleased with the price, quality and even a 5 year old could use this flawlessly. I had never heard of the manufacturer but I have since learned that they make many small appliances. Hats off to you “Comfee”. I can’t wait to try all your other line of appliances. You have a customer for life.

It is an excellent investment for the kitchen when you are single. I’ve already made white rice, brown rice, spaghetti, boiled eggs, and most importantly, yogurt (although it doesn’t have Yogurt mode, but read on).

The pot is easy to remove and wash. What I haven’t tried is washing the silicone seal. One day I made a strong flavored spaghetti and immediately started making yogurt. I thought I was going to have a 4-cheese pasta-flavored yogurt, but no, it didn’t keep the flavors. I hope it stays that way.

As for recipes, any recipe book for rice cookers (other than pressure cookers) will do.

I have only found 3 disadvantages:
a) The temperature is in Fahrenheit, and cannot be changed to Celsius, you will need a table, calculator, or Google Assistant.

b) The temperature steps go from 5 to 5 degrees Celsius (approx. 9 to 9 degrees Fahrenheit).

c) The maximum working time is 8 hours. Although it is enough for many recipes, for yogurt it takes 10-12 hours. It is easy to solve, but it would be better if it brought more time.

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RECIPE FOR YOGURT (that’s how I’ve been doing it)
750 ml of whole milk, the kind that lasts 3 days. 3/4 of Natural Yogurt (the only one I got is Alpura 125 ml). Optional (I always add): 3 tablespoons of strawberry jam and two packets of Splenda-type sugar. THE YOGURT MUST BE AT ROOM TEMPERATURE, cold does not work. Also the jam, if you use it, must be “at the time”.

Equipment: The Comfee and (highly desirable) a thermometer. You must know how to use the DIY mode (Do it yourself).

1. In DIY mode, set a temperature of 176 or 185 degrees Fahrenheit (80 and 85 degrees Celsius, respectively) for 30 minutes (the default time, although you won’t leave it that long). You can stir the milk when it starts to feel hot. When it reaches 80 degrees, leave it like this for about 3 minutes. Keep it from boiling.

2. Take out the pot and let it cool down to about 40-45 degrees. At that time add the yogurt “at the time”. MIX WITHOUT SHAKING. Then add the jam and sugar and continue mixing.

3. Put the pot back in the rice cooker and in DIY mode set a temperature of 113 degrees Fahrenheit (45 degrees Celsius) for 4 hours. When 2 hours have passed, press the Stop button and repeat this same procedure to put another 8 hours (in total, 10 hours) at that same temperature (113 degrees Fahrenheit). The temperature I measured for the milk was 43.5 degrees Celsius, which is good.

4. When the time has expired DO NOT let it go into keep warm mode. Immediately remove the pot, optionally scooping out the whey. Store the yogurt in one or several containers and put them in the refrigerator for several hours (I did it for 8). Do not consume it hot.

5. Enjoy your new rice cooker.

Where to buy: Amazon.

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