Comfee Washing Machine 0.9 cu.ft Review

Comfee Washing Machine 0.9 cu.ft Review

Today I want to talk to you guys about the comfee washing machine. I started doing some research online and I found these smaller washing machines that do the same kind of job as the bigger ones do only smaller loads of course. What I did was I really really researched. I decided to go with the smaller one. Because I wanted to make sure it was gonna fit into the bathroom area. I have a spare bathroom where I wanted to put the washing machine. It’s amazing I actually got it about a week ago. I hooked it up and of course followed the directions. And I started doing laundry and I was so excited. Because it has the same type of agitator that other washing machines have and it pulls in the water.

comfee washing machine review

You can either hook it to hot or cold. I’ve really been enjoying doing laundry again. It’s a wonderful little unit. It washes the clothes great. It’s got so many different cycles. It has heavy, soft, normal, rapid, soap, five programs and three water levels. You can pick the water level you want if you’re doing a heavy load. It’s a really really cute unit. It actually is not like the plastic units you see on the market. I almost got one of those but I decided to go with this one. I actually learned that you should not fill the washer more than three quarters full that you want the water up obviously to be above the clothes.

You can roll it away into the closet when you’re done. You can roll it into another room. It has the water hose. It has the the drain hose. It’s got a drain pump. So it does exactly what the big units do. I just really I’m excited buy it because it’s such an amazing machine. Honestly I did not want to go down to the laundromat. I’ve done it before. But I would rather just be able to be at home. You know do my laundry as I want to do it. So you know it has a wonderful spin cycle. You can pick how many spin cycles you want or how many minutes you want that spin cycle to go.

It’s just really a great unit. It has a see-through lid. You can see what’s going on inside the unit. You can pause it just have a pause button where you can pause the cycle and you can either put detergent in or you can add more water do whatever you have to do. I am just so impressed with this little unit. It’s the comfee and it was 219 when I got it.

I’m just really ecstatic. Because I even thought you know whether you’re in an apartment or a dorm or you know even a small small apartment like I used to have. These are wonderful. Even if you are inside your home and you want to do a small load of wash and you want you don’t want to use all that water or energy or something. You know you can do like a few clothes. I think I did about six or seven nightgowns in one load. And I wear a lot of leggings and slacks and so I was able to fit two whole outfits into one load. I didn’t want to overload everything but it worked out great.

Everything was perfect. I went and threw it in the dryer. When it was done and some of my stuff I hang out. This unit also has auto unbalanced detection. So if it starts to go on balance. It’s going to basically fix itself. It does have two wheels on the back but you have to tilt the unit in order to push it around the apartment or your home.

Now one tip I will leave you guys with if you decide to pick up this unit or anyone like. It is the drain hose goes into the thing. So no matter what sink you. You do put that into the unit does have a filter at the base where the pump cut, where the pump is at. But there still could be some lint that escapes through that hose through the rinse cycle or the drain cycle.

So I use a little funnel that I got one that I used to use for orange juice. I bought a new one at the store which is just for that. So you know like those fruit strainers or pasta strainers. I got a real small one and it works just fine. And it actually does pick up lint that comes through the unit. So we don’t want anybody’s things clogging up or anything like that. So other than that this is really a great unit.

I am so enthused by this and so excited by the whole thing. To be honest this is something that I’ve wanted for quite a while. I’m so glad I was able to find this comfee washing machine. I hope I was able to explain a little bit about the unit. And that hopefully it was informative to you. Where to buy: Amazon

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