Comfee Dishwasher Review

Comfee Table Top Dishwasher Review

Today I will be showing you a table top dishwasher from the brand comfee. The comfee dishwasher event is available in white and silver. I have got the white one which is 209 pounds and 99 pence. The silver is 219 pounds and 99 pence. They are available through amazon. I will put all the links below in the description box so if you are interested in just having a look and maybe purchasing one.The links will be below for you to click on.

Comfee Dishwasher in kitchen

Comfee Table Top Dishwasher Overview

A Comfee table top dishwasher is obviously ideal If you haven’t got space for a full dishwasher. They can go anywhere that obviously you have the space for a table top dishwasher.

So I will be showing you the product using comfee dishwasher. Showing you how it works and reviewing it for you guys. Here it is. It has come really well packaged up.And I just want to tell you the weight and the measurements of it. It is 20.86 kilograms and it measures 55 by 50 by 43.8 centimeters.

Connect Or Install Comfee Tabletop Dishwasher

This is the comfee tabletop dishwasher connected up. You can have your dishwasher plumbed in. Or as I am demonstrating it, you can have it on your work top. Or it also says that you can fit it into a space under your worktop.

You need an electric electrical socket to plug it in. If you aren’t having it plumbed in, you need to put the hose pipe into the sink to drain off the water. This is obviously if you are not having it plumbed in.You can connectcomfee dishwasher to your kitchen tap but it’s only if your kitchen tap has got a screw end. I’ve got one of these taps and it hasn’t got a screw end.

So for demonstration purposes, I have plugged it into my outside tap which does fit. If you don’t have a screw end tap, you can buy an adapter for this. I’m sure they are available in lots of different places, so you can just screw it onto your normal kitchen tap.

It was very easy to install. Comfee dishwasher is not particularly heavy. It only took me and my husband to put it up here on the worktop. It is ideal if you haven’t got space for a normal dishwasher or if you are got an apartment or a small area where you have only got a small area to put it.

Or maybe a mobile home if you’ve got space in a mobile home to put it. So yeah just suitable for lots of different places where you couldn’t have a full-size dishwasher.

Comfee Dishwasher Manual

The comfee dishwasher does come with a full instruction manual. I’m just going to give you a quick flick through. It’s fairly easy to follow. It’s big writing as well. It tells you how you use the dishwasher, how to maintain it and clean it, caring for the dishwasher, how to install it ,so all about the water supply and the drain.So i’ll just show you that bit. Because that could possibly be a bit confusing if you’re not sure.

Connection of drain hoses. That’s if you want to have a built-in installation inside a cupboard or underneath the work top. That’s all about that and then you’ve got troubleshooting tips.

So if you’ve got any problems look comfee dishwasher manual up there and hopefully it will be down there and tell you what to do. It also shows you which I’m going to show you now how you load your baskets. It comes with a cup tray which you can either have on or you can take that off. It’s got a cutlery tray and it shows you what it can fit in.And the numbers for the items of where you can put them in the dishwasher. And then how to use it quick user guide tells you all about all the buttons and the control panels.

For example: Preparing and loading dishes function of convincing detergent. how to put your detergent in the different wash cycles that are available. And yep so comfee dishwasher manual is got everything you should need in there to explain how you use it and how you install it.

Use The Comfee Dishwasher

I am just about to load up the comfee dishwasher with all those dirty pots there on the side. I have got the instructions out. It’s got lots of different cycles. So I’m going to choose sort of a middle one. It’s got everything from intensive to a rapid wash. I know the rapid. Wash works because I have tried that one as well. Let’s look how dirty these pots are. See how good it is at cleaning them. I’ve got a really dead pan there. I have got some dirty coffee mugs with um some stains in there that have been in there for a little while.

And some very dirty plates as you can see there. I will load comfee dishwasher up now and you can actually fit quite a lot in if you load it correctly. You can fit lots more in than what you think. So I’ll load it up and then we’ll put it on a wash and let’s see if it gets those plates clean.

Here it is all loaded up. You can fit more in it than what I have put in. But I just wanted to show you how well it cleans the plates. Look how dirty all this all these plates are really really dirty and I’m going to put it on now and I will show you the finished result when it has finished its cycle.

Your comfee dishwasher tablet goes in there so that just flicks open put it in close it. All you do is you switch the power on button. It beeps, lights up and then you choose your program. So I am going to choose the 90 minute program. One hour 30 look and then press start. It’s got time you can hear it starting to make a noise and then I will come back and show you when it has finished its cycle. I just also want to say how many different cycles there are available. You’ve got intensive, you’ve got universal, you’ve got eco glass the 90 minute one and a rapid one. The rapid one is really good and it’s only on for 30 minutes. I’ll join you later and let’s see if it’s got all those dirty parts sparkling clean.

The moment of truth it has just beeped to say it has finished. It’s got to end lit up there. All you do switch it off, open it and let’s have a look. Some steam coming out of it. Open it up and check these plates. Absolutely sparkling clean as you can see no dirt left on there at all. Check these big ones at the back yeah. Absolutely yeah sparkling clean as you can see. The cutlery that all looks clean as well let’s have a look yeah that all looks clean.

It’s got a bit here what you can pop them through or if you’ve got things that are too big for these little holes, you can lift up the one at the back there.That’s the cup tray that you can take off. If you don’t want to put the little cups up there, you can take that or leave it on.

In Conclusion

I’m very very impressed so that is my review of the comfee tabletop dishwasher. I hope you have all enjoyed it. Please click the button if you want to purchase it. See comfee table top dishwasher on amazon

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