Comfee Rice Cooker Review

Comfee Rice Cooker Review

The Overview Of Comfee Rice Cooker

Hi guys today I’m going to be reviewing for you all this comfee rice cooker. So guys I know a lot of you probably have a rice cooker at home and for those of you all who don’t you definitely need to check this item out.

Comfee Rice Cooker 5.2Qt Model MB-M25

I’m really excited about comfee rice cooker because I personally I do one one. I’ve heard great things about the rice cooker, but I’ve never used anything because right before.

The Features Of Comfee Rice Cooker

Look at some of the features of this comfee rice cooker. The settings on the pot are quick rice, white rice, brown rice. Now white rice and brown rice they take two different times to cook hence the reason why you have to cook them on two different settings. It aslo have oatmeal, chili, pasta mode. And also have soups, stew, slow cook, sautee, steam and DIY mode.

Comfee rice cooker has the start or the on and off button. It have the keep one button temperature control delay timer and time button. The display pan where you would see what you select over here.

This is how you would open rice cooker you press knob, down and open. There’s a steamer basket and measuring cup. If you want to measure water and then we have the insert order. But we’re cooking the rice in.

I would tell you that comfee rice cooker reminds me of the pressure cooker or one of those in stock pots. But that is what it reminds me know if it’s just like that on the inside. So we need to wash too before we use it.

How to use the comfee rice cooker and make delicious food

How to use this machine? Just gonna plug adapter on. Once you plug comfee rice cooker on, you have to start on an off button. I’m going to place my pot in here. We’re going with two cups of white rice. I’m using jasmine rice to this and I did wash my rice. I’m going to go with four cups of water. So we’re doing one part rice to two cups of water.

Today’s I’m going to add salt. If you wanted to add like a chicken bullion cube or any other type of seasoning to your rice you can. I’m just gonna give it a stir. And we’re gonna cover this, make sure that it’s locked into place. And we’re going to set it and as I showed you guys there’s a white rice setting. So we’re gonna put on the machine. So once you turn on the comfee rice cooker, you want to select white rice. And you want to select start and the machine is automatically going to start processing.

Now the rice cooker needs to heat up before it actually starts cooking. So that’s what we’re going to be waiting on. It’s just under 15 minutes. The rice is ready. Let’s see how well it cooks. I don’t know if you guys can see. But I can see the steam coming out of there I can smell the rice in the air. And let’s check the rice. Perfect white rice not too soggy. Just the perfect consistency that I like it nice and fluffy.

In conclusion

So guys I hope you all enjoyed how easy it was to use this rice cooker. Now there is that keep warm button there. And you can preset the time for how long you’d like to keep this warm. But this isn’t gonna stay very long in this warmer so the residual heat that is in there is gonna keep the rice nice and warm and moist. So I hope you guys enjoyed this demo for this comfee rice cooker. If you are interested in purchasing one like this I will if the link to purchase down below in the description box so make sure and check on that. Thank you guys so much for watching.

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