Comfee Retro Air Fryer Toaster Oven 7-in-1 Review

Comfee Retro Air Fryer Toaster Oven 7-in-1 Review


The comfee retro air fryer toaster oven has 7-in-one Versatile Cooking Presets. They are Air Fry, Bake, Broil, Toast, Warm, Convection Broil, Convection Bake. Just press the function button and could be use. Make specialty and healthy food in one cooker without owning 7 or more different appliances. To achieve the ideal cooking performance, the comfee toaster oven has developed the intelligent 6-step cooking process that can satisfy your daily cooking needs.

This comfee retro air fryer has 3 layers large capacitys. 3 Rack Levels makes its countertop holds 2 to 4 slices of bread, 12 Chicken Wings, bake 9” Pizza,12 Cookies, 6 Muffins or broil 2 Steaks, which meets the needs of the family of 3 and perfects for small kitchens, Single Apartments, RVs. Your cooking could be set by simply pressing a button.

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It has many user-friendly features. Such as the wide temperature range & intuitive operation dials. 200°F to 450°F lets you cook with the convenience of different type of foods. All programs for this comfee compact toaster oven come with a 60min timer. Three easy to use dials can not only let you set your preferred cooking time, but also make you easy to control temperature and functions.


7-in-one Versatile Cooking Presets.
Premium stainless steel structure & powerful heating elements.
LED digital display.
Healthy aIr fry & oil-free diet.
Compact design & space saving.
Wide temperature range.
Easy to operate.
Easy to clean.

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There is nothing in the manual that explains what the icons mean for the 7 functions.


What are the dimensions and weight of the comfee retro air fryer toaster oven?

It has external dimensions of 13.11 x 13.46 x 12.6 inches. The dead weight is almost 17.51lbs.

What is the energy class of the model?

The comfee toaster oven has energy efficiency class A.

What colors are available?

The comfee toaster oven is available in black.

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Why choose comfee retro air fryer toaster oven?

I am a Professional Home and Personal Chef. My kids really love chips and chicken wings, and I usually fry them with it. Occasionally I make some cakes and scones. So far, it has given me some surprises. For example, I think the fries are fried evenly and the timing is just right when making the cake. I can tell you I like this oven.

This retro-style compact multipurpose and Air Fry oven is surprisingly good! I wasn’t quite sure what to expect, but in use in our RV during a recent vacation, it performed brilliantly with a number of food products using various features and settings. I was most impressed and happy to have a portable, compact oven that has an ACTUAL broiler feature with heat coils at the top of the oven…and not a faux broiler setting. I made chicken breasts topped with tomato slices, avocado and covered with provolone cheese slices, then melted the provolone to cover the toppings which worked perfectly under the broiler! Superb.

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Three settings for time, temperature and desired preset function.

The basket for fries, chicken nuggets and similar items works well with the air fry mode. No shake time alarm but not really an issue.

There are 7 cooking functions indicated by symbols. The symbols are not described in the user manual, and I suggest doing a screen capture of the picture on the product page that shows what each symbol indicates.

This is a well-made and highly functional, compact unit. Will work well on a countertop without using excessive space, or as we use it…in our Recreational Vehicle while traveling. At a maximum 1250 watts of power, it can handle virtually any type of cooking…even a small snatched chicken!

All in all, we are VERY pleased with this compact oven and for me, it’s clearly a FIVE STAR rating. Its functions are very diverse, and almost all cooking in daily life can be completed. The volume is relatively small, but the capacity is enough to put many things at once. Whether it’s egg tarts or chicken wings, it can be done easily. Just adjust the time accurately. You can use it for the next time even if you don’t need to clean it, because it’s relatively clean after baking once. Very pleasant shopping.

Enjoy your new air fryer toaster oven. Where to buy: Amazon.

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  1. This is not user friendly without studying the instructions. This is in reference to the dials which mean nothing to most people since they are not labeled with the various functions. I. E. bake, broil, airfry, etc. It seems to work well once you figure out the controls.

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