Comfee Mini Plus Dishwasher Review

Comfee Mini Plus Dishwasher Review

Overview Of Comfee Mini Dishwasher

I was invited by comfee to review or feature their dishwasher. It’s a mini dishwasher actually. But I was a little hesitant at first. I haven’t used any dishwasher before and second here in london the space is very limited especially in the kitchen.

Overview of comfee mini dishwasher

So I wasn’t quite sure that comfee mini dishwasher will fit on the kitchen and quite fortunate that we have a space in our kitchen that would fit the dishwasher. All right to cut the story short I got the comfee mini dishwasher.

Packaging And Accessories Of Comfee Mini Dishwasher

I got this comfee mini dishwasher from amazon uk and if you’re purchasing this I must point out that this is heavy inside the box. You’ll see the instruction manual and the comfee dishwasher. The rest of the accessories is inside the dishwasher.

One of the reason why I accepted this comfee mini dishwasher.It is super easy to set up and you don’t have to connect this to your tab.

At the back, you have the power cable, inlet and the outlet for the water and there’s a ventilation on the side.

And on the front you have the main touch control panels and the power button as well as the six modes. Also there’s a manual plus and minus for the delay including the start and pause.

Inside you will get the inlet and outlet water hose and the 1.8 liter container to manually top up your water. You will have the water catch so you won’t spill water while filling. You will also have a funnel if you need to add salt and a glass holder. This comfee mini plus dishwasher comes with a huge capacity. It has three place setting capacity which fits up to 17 categories and 30 pieces of tableware and a plate size up to 270 millimeters.

Usage Mode Of Comfee Mini Dishwasher

While it’s washing the temperature of the water will be 55 degrees celsius and while rinsing at 70 degrees celsius and also it dries your dishes.

Other modes include hygiene 72 degrees which is for heavily stained dishes especially designed for baby tableware.

Another mode is intensive up to 70 degrees celsius. The washing time is 160 minutes. This is for heavily soiled dishes. And we also have the 58 minute watch with the temperature up to 65 degrees celsius. Total minutes is 58 and for normally soiled tableware.

There’s also rapid mode which is up to 60 degrees celsius.Total time is 29 minutes for lightly solid dishes.
And lastly is the glass mode up to 60 degrees celsius with total cleaning time of 85 minutes. This is for lightly soiled glasses.

How To Use Comfee Mini Dishwasher

Comfee mini dishwasher is a deal for the size of two to three people and the first test that we’re going to do is the default setting which is the echo mode.

Alright so let’s load them up with this very dirty plates. We have saucers bowls cups with coffee and silverware as you can see it is very very dirty. So let’s put this dishwasher into action.

All right we’re gonna put the soap and push the plates in. We’re gonna add six liters of water but you have an option to connect comfee mini dishwasher to your tap if that is suitable for you. You’ll hear a beeping sound once the water tank is full. The ecomode is a standard program suitable to clean normally sold tableware and this is the most efficient program in terms of its combined energy and water consumption for the type of tableware.

While it’s washing the temperature of the water will be 55 degrees celsius and while rinsing at 70 degrees celsius and also it dries your dishes.

Total detergent that you’ll use is 11 grams and the total time for this mode is 155 minutes that is pretty long actually.But it only uses 0.446 kilowatt hour energy and of course the 6 liters of water.

And we are done so let’s check out the dishes.Right so it is a little bit warm because it just came out from the drying mode of the echo and so far all the dishes that I’ve checked the saucers, the plates, the bowls. It’s very clean and shiny.

Even some tiny bowls and we have the coffee mug if you still remember that was very nasty including the silver wear. So I’m quite impressed. But then again this took around more than two hours to clean. Because this is under the echo mode with the two hours cleaning it only used up six liters of water. Quite impressive.

Now we’re gonna try the rapid mode which only takes around 29 minutes. I’ll be adding some dishes that are actually on the border line of lightly to heavy soil dishes. So that would include some plates, glass, bowls and silverware. We’re going to put the soap and put the dish in. Let’s get started with the rapid mode.

It’s quite fun to look at the window. Sometimes you just stand in front of the dishwasher without noticing that you’ve been standing there for quite some time.

And we’re done and we’re gonna check if or how clean the plates are. So they look spotless sparkly clean. Even though it’s only on the rapid mode including the glasses and the bowl looks spotless as well and including the silverware. So I’m quite impressed I’ll be using this more especially on the rapid mode okay.

Now, let’s go to the baby wear. We’re gonna do the hygiene so I have a few used plates for my baby. These are quite difficult to wash especially I’m using a wooden or a bamboo plate. Okay let’s check out the plates.

This one took about two hours and although there was a part where it should dry. But it’s somehow still wet. It’s not totally dry. But the plates the bowl is pretty spotless including this silicon spoon. That’s quite impressive.

In Conclusion

After a few runs on the comfee mini plus dishwasher, here are some benefits that I’ve gathered up. It’s a perfect solution for a single or couple you don’t have to buy a full-size and expensive dishwasher.

Another thing is a size it’s suitable for small size houses or kitchen and no installation required since it allows you to add water manually. If there is not a suitable water supply available and lastly it only uses 6 liters of water. You might think it’s a lot but actually it’s not. To give you an idea an average 10 minute shower will use up around 90 liters of water. If you want to connect with me drop a comment down below and also let me know what you think about this comfee mini plus dishwasher.

If you’re interested in getting this product I have a link in description below for. So feel free to check that out and also thank you so much for watching. Where to buy: Amazon

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